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Airsoft Games

Getting into airsoft can be a costly endeavor. From the airsoft gun itself to the gear and accessories, the costs add up quickly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t play! Airsoft is a sport that has many facets, ranging from military simulation to recreational activity. Whatever your reason for playing, there are airsoft games and rules to match your individual style. You might enjoy historical or military simulation games, which allow you to play out a scenario from history. There are also games that are more focused on the fun of shooting at targets, with no historical or military ties. A good airsoft game is judged by how well it facilitates teamwork, good aim, and fun.

Here are our favorite airsoft games right now:

  • Capture the Flag 
  • President
  • King of the Hill
  • Medic
  • Close Quarters Battle/Combat (CQB)
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Humans vs. Zombies
  • Save one Bullet

There are many different types of airsoft games you can play depending on your group, your airsoft background, and your resources.  These games can help you and your friends get the most diverse experience when playing airsoft. The styles of airsoft games you can play are:

To learn more about different types of airsoft games, continue down below!

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Here are 8 different airsoft games you can play with friends and foes alike. (Yes, that was a pun.)

best airsoft games

1. Capture the Flag

Similar to the capture the flag you played in elementary school gym class, you will split up into two teams and identify a location that is home base and an item as your flag. The object of the game is to retrieve the flag of the other team and bring it back to your home base without getting shot. Depending on the style, you can have the flag remain where it was dropped when the player is shot, or you can take it up a notch and have the flag be returned to its original home base. 

2. President

In President, one player is identified as the president and needs to reach a certain location unharmed. Half of the remaining players are bodyguards and the other half are assassins. The bodyguards’ goal is to get the president to the secure location unharmed, while the assassins need to eliminate the president. This can be altered to include two presidents, one for each team. Then the teams are meant to both protect their president and eliminate the other president before they reach the secure location. 

3. King of the Hill

King of the Hill can be played with a smaller or larger group of people. If using a smaller amount of people, one person is located on a hill or barricaded location. The other players can work together to oust the current King of the Hill, but only one person can be the new King of the Hill. This can be adjusted for teams with one team at the hill/barricaded location and at least two other teams are seeking to get the closest to the hill or capture the hill. The game ends once the time limit has ended.

4. Medic

In Medic, there are two teams with assigned medics on their team. There should be at least one medic per ten players on a team. The medic is able to revive eliminated members of their team. The goal is to eliminate the other team and protect your valuable medic. 

5. Close Quarters Battle/Combat (CQB)

Close Quarter Battle is a fast paced version of a regular airsoft battle. There are two teams who are in a smaller arena. The objective is to eliminate the other team, but be able to defend against the difficulties of close proximity to other players. Blind corners, enclosed spaces, narrow passages, room clearing are all hallmarks of CQB games. 

6. Hostage Rescue

In Hostage Rescue there are two teams; one team consists of the guards of the hostages and the other consists of the rescuers. Of the rescuers team, some will be assigned the role of hostage. The aim for the rescuers is to rescue the hostages and bring them to a secure location without themselves or the hostages being eliminated. The goal of the guards is to shoot the rescuers and not allow any hostages to escape.

7. Humans versus Zombies

Much like regular Human vs Zombies, there are two teams; one humans, one zombies. The humans need to outnumber zombies 4 to 1. Humans need to find the cure items to avoid getting infected and eliminate all the zombies. The zombies need to infect all the humans to win the game. Zombies are eliminated after being shot three times and only need one shot to infect humans. If humans are infected and do not have a cure item they become zombies. 

8. Save one Bullet

For Save one Bullet, there needs to be two teams; one are the defenders who barricade themselves and the other are the attackers. The defending team is only allowed to have one magazine, clip, or another specified amount of limited ammunition. The attacking team is allowed to have as much ammunition as they want. The goal for both teams is to eliminate the other team before running out of their ammunition. 

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