airsoft grenade types

Airsoft Grenades Types

When you’re in the market for the best airsoft grenades, your main concerns should be their effectiveness and safety. Airsoft grenades are used in games to add more excitement and intensity to the battles. Airsoft grenade types include airsoft grenade launchers, flashbang airsoft grenades, and airsoft grenade launchers. Here we’ll list different airsoft grenade types, then help you to understand how does an airsoft grenade work, so you can choose the right product for your needs.

Here are the different airsoft grenade types:

  • Inert airsoft grenades
  • CO2 airsoft grenades
  • Green gas airsoft grenades
  • Spring loaded pallet firing airsoft grenades
  • Airsoft Grenade launchers

And how does an airsoft grenade work? While real grenades are designed to use high eruptive material as propellants, airsoft grenades use CO2 or gas to develop a cloud of BBs. The working process of airsoft grenades generally depends on the type of airsoft grenade being used.

Different airsoft grenades have slightly different working mechanisms, despite being intended for the same purpose. Different airsoft grenade manufacturers use different technologies to manufacture their grenades. However, looking at each manufacturer would take very long, so this article will focus on going through each grenade type and give a broad overview of their working mechanisms.

Bear in mind that different fields have their different rules on grenades use. Therefore, it’s important to check the local rules of your airsoft field to be sure about their stance before using it.

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Different Airsoft Grenades Types and How They Work

how does an airsoft grenade work

As explained earlier, airsoft grenades come in different types, and their working process may slightly differ based on types. This section tries to touch base on all of them and their various working mechanisms. 

1. Inert Airsoft Grenades

This is the most common type of airsoft grenade. However, they are not designed to do anything. They bounce on the ground when players toss them at each other. The main reason why players use this type of grenade is to startle enemies with the hope of having them give up their hiding positions. It doesn’t flash any light, neither does it boom. The grenade just bounces on the ground, and that’s all.

2. CO2 Airsoft Grenades

You cannot reuse this grenade after detonation. Compared to insert grenades, CO2 is a bit more premium, although most playing fields do not censor its usage. To use this grenade, you’ll need to load a CO2 capsule into a metal cylinder. Next, attach a handle to the cylinder, and attach the unit to a plastic shell. You may fill the shell with BBs or plastic shells, depending on your choice.

To detonate, you’ll need to pull the pin from the grenade. You may be required to either release the spoon or not, depending on the model. Tossing the grenade will result in a booming sound followed by a release of powders and BBs. The loudness of the booming sound typically depends on the grenade model.

Despite its general acceptability, some players still dislike CO2 grenades because of the stress involved in finding the grenade to retrieve the spoon and metal container.

3. Green Gas Airsoft Grenades

Otherwise known as pallet firing grenades, this type of grenade is generally designed to launch several hundred airsoft pallets every time it explodes. They are also reusable, although you’ll need to load the grenade up with pallets and green gasses (the same used for most airsoft guns) every time you use it.

This grenade features similar ignition with most other types of grenades in this list. All it takes is for you to pull the pin and throw the grenade for it to detonate. Removing the hook generally releases the gas, and the gas would, in turn, force the pallets out of the top of the grenade, spreading them around the detonation area. 

4. Spring Loaded Pallet Firing Airsoft Grenades

These grenades feature a similar working mechanism as the green Gas grenade. However, this type of grenade does not require gas to work, and they are generally cheaper.

The interior of the grenade is designed to feature a powerful spring. Throwing the grenade typically activates the spring. The spring then forces all the pallets out in different directions. It doesn’t make any sound during detonation, and the pallets don’t move too far.

5. Airsoft Grenade Launchers (Plus: How Airsoft Grenade Launchers Work)

This is a more sophisticated airsoft grenade.

To design this grenade, you’ll need to prime a 40mm mock around with gas. You’ll then go on to load the round with pallets. Once the round is ready, a player can load it into a tube that they can use to aim and fire.

Every shot propels the projectile from the tune towards an intended target. Each round propels between 15 – 50 BBs. However, their impact is usually less than 250fps, so players would not feel any pain when hit, although they’ll know they’ve been hit.

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