how do CO2 airsoft guns work

How do CO2 Airsoft Guns Work?

While some claim that CO2 airsoft pistols are the best way to get started in the hobby, others claim that they are nothing but junk. So, which is it? In truth, they are a bit of both. This article answers your question about how do CO2 airsoft guns work, so you can determine if you should choose co2 (or a weapon powered another way).

So, how do co2 airsoft guns work? Co2 airsoft guns typically work through a spring mechanism. They make use of a built-in canister that’s inserted into the magazine. A pull of the gun’s trigger releases the gas, such that it travels through a valve to the gun’s nozzle to propel the BB. After each shooting round, gas travels back due to the closed valve, stimulating a recoil.

CO2 airsoft guns are all about power and precision. Thanks to these features, they’ve become some of the most popular choices for people needing great shooting experiences.

This type of airsoft gun comes with a blowback, giving it a more realistic shooting experience. If you fancy this type of gun, you should never forget to stock up on gas to maintain the gun’s perfect condition.

Read on to find a detailed explanation of the working mechanism of how Co2 airsoft guns work.

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How co2 Airsoft Guns Work: Working Mechanism of a Co2 Airsoft Guns

how does a co2 airsoft gun work

But how does a co2 airsoft gun work together with the spring?

As explained earlier, Co2 airsoft guns are designed to operate using a spring mechanism. They use gas tanks to provide the needed momentum to the projectile, forcing the BB to slide through the barrel and fire off in your chosen direction. These types of guns don’t come with batteries. Instead of batteries, they use gas cartridges.

Gas guns can use different gas including:

  • Red gas
  • Black gas
  • Propane

Most cartridges are designed to work with all these gas, although you’ll still find some guns that use a specific type of gas.

We recommend reading your operation manual to understand the specifications of each cartridge and what it works with.

Some guns feature sample gas cartridges for getting you started. Sample gas cartridges are typically more convenient. Most Co2 airsoft guns have their gas cylinders attached on a section reserved for it inside the gun’s magazine.

The basic concept of this gun’s operation is that the gas cylinder will release compressed Co2 with every pull of the trigger. The gas produces enough momentum to propel the BB into the air.

The working mechanism of Co2 airsoft guns is similar to that of real guns, although they are powered by gas, and they shoot plastic BBs.

3 Benefits of Co2 Airsoft Guns

While they do offer high power, their cocking mechanisms are usually quite cumbersome, and their low cost makes them prone to breaking. They also have a fairly limited range, which is less of an issue for close-combat games, but they do limit your range options when playing farther off.

Wait, I thought we were talking about the pros, not cons of Co2 airsoft pistols?!

Ok, ok… 🙂

Co2 guns come with several advantages that you can leverage for a better shooting experience.

However, you need to improve your target-shooting skills to take maximum advantage. Different people have different reasons for using Co2 airsoft guns, and the benefits are dependent on how you use them. Some common benefits Co2 guns offer over spring guns include:

1. Authentic Replicas

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Co2 airsoft guns lies in their looks. They do not just look like they are real but also feel like it. Pistols are typically too small to have enough room for electric motors and mechanism, so electric airsoft guns would have bulky parts to contain the mechanism it uses to work.

On the other hand, Co2 airsoft guns do not feature very complicated mechanisms, so it’s easier for them to have the looks of real firearms. Additionally, Co2 guns also come with the blowback feature, so after each shot, the gas bolts back to load another BB, just like it usually happens in real guns. 

2. They Can Work in Both Semi and Full-Automatic Modes 

Another significant benefit of Co2 airsoft guns is their ability to work in both semi- and full-automatic mode. Most airsoft players will turn away from spring guns because of their limitation to a single shot use. No serious airsoft player can accommodate the time it takes to tension back the spring and get it ready for the next individual shot.

On the other hand, most pistols can’t feature the electric mechanism needed for this feature because of the bulkiness it can cost. Therefore, every serious airsoft player would want to turn to Co2 airsoft guns. 

3. Blowback Mechanism

It may cost you a little extra to install this mechanism into your gas gun, but it’s worth the additional cost for people who want the authentic feel of a gun. The blowback feature allows the slide to move back and give you a recoil effect after each shot, just like in real guns. It’s the blowback feature that enables you to shoot in auto mode. However, you must ensure that your gun’s clip can hold enough BBs to last long in auto mode.

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