how do electric airsoft guns work

How do Electric Airsoft Guns Work?

In this post, we break down “how do electric airsoft guns work” for all you dig-deepers. You may know airsoft guns as the cool-looking, realistic-feeling guns you see in movies and at the mall. Although airsoft guns are real-looking, they are actually only as strong as the airsoft gun you buy. The most common airsoft gun is battery-powered, and is called an airsoft electric gun (AEG).

So, how do electric airsoft guns, or AEGs, work? Electric airsoft guns are battery-powered. They come with batteries that are designed to power a built-in motor. The mechanism rounds up by releasing tension from the gun’s spring and causing the piston to shoot forward. During this process, air is compressed, and the BB is propelled down the barrel.

The best electric airsoft guns combine three types of energy for efficient operation – electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic energy. Compared to most other types of airsoft guns, electric airsoft guns are more modern and sophisticated. However, before buying them, it’s only vital that you understand their operation mechanism.

Read on to find detailed information about the working mechanisms of electric airsoft guns.

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How do AEG Airsoft Guns Work? The Operating Mechanism of An Electric Airsoft Gun (Step-by-Step Process)

how do AEG airsoft guns work?

All contemporary electric airsoft guns are designed to use a mechanical system inside their gearbox, as explained earlier. The gearbox contains a combination of a motor and three gears.

The motor and the gears combine to smoothly convert electrical energy to the mechanical energy the gun will need to function.

The whole shooting process begins when you pull the trigger.

It’s the simple trigger-pull that results in the trigger contacts’ closure, therefore completing the electric circulation from the battery to the motor. With enough power supplied to the motor, it begins to spin, engaging the first gear.

There’s an anti-reversal latch present to block and ensure that the first gear does not reverse under operation.

Once the first (bevel) gear is active, it engages the spur (second) gear, and the spur gear engages the sector (third) gear.

As soon as the sector gear is engaged, it contacts the piston and pulls it back so that the spring is compressed. At the same time, a small nub present on the sector gear is released to drag the tappet plate back. As a result of this pullback, the air nozzle is retracted towards the cylinder.

The backward motion pushes the next BB pallet into the hop-up.

At this point, the tapper plate will return to its initial position, chambering the BB in the process.

Finally, the sector gear releases the piston, forcing the spring to shoot back and launch the piston. The launch propels the pressure that will fire the BB pallets out of the nozzle. This is the point where mechanical energy gets converted to pneumatic energy.

3 Factors that Affect How Far an Electric Airsoft Gun Can Shoot

Most airsoft guns can shoot a distance of between 120 feet and 180 feet. However, several factors can combine to influence the shooting distance of your electric airsoft gun. Beyond your personal skills, other factors that can affect how far your electric airsoft gun can shoot include:

1. Overall Gun Quality

The number one factor to consider when determining how far an electric airsoft gun can shoot is the gun’s overall quality. Take a close look at the inner parts. It’s no secret that the quality of the internal components is what makes the gun great. Every other thing can pass as mere decoration.

If your airsoft replica doesn’t shoot as far as you want, perhaps it’s a sign that you should upgrade some of the inner parts. However, prioritize taking it to an expert if you want to check the interiors. 

2. The Wind 

Indeed, the wind can affect the shooting distance of an electric airsoft gun. This is why experts often say that the wine can be the greatest ally or foe of a shooter. As an ardent shooter, you’d probably have noticed the BB you send to take down a distant enemy lost somewhere before reaching the enemy. The wind’s direction typically causes such situations.

Strong winds often interfere with a BB’s trajectory, and because BBs weigh less than 0.25 gram, they can hardly resist the wind. If you must shoot under windy conditions, we recommend using heavier BBs because heavier BBs have more tendency to negate the problem.

3. BB Weight

Yes, we mentioned that heavier BBs could beat the wind, but you have to ensure that the BB is not too heavy. Being excessively heavy means that it’ll still drop halfway. Most electric guns do not have enough velocity to support BBs that weigh above 0.30 grams. You can always check the specifications of your airsoft gun to know the recommended BB weight.