how long does an airsoft battery last

How Long Does an Airsoft Battery Last?

Ahhh, the great unknown: how long does an airsoft battery last? The life expectancy of an airsoft battery can vary by the quality of the battery, how it is stored and the conditions under which it is used. The useful life of a battery is also directly related to how often it is used and the amount of energy that is extracted from it. When a battery is constantly drained and recharged, its life is shortened.

So, how long does an airsoft battery last? Airsoft batteries last approximately 1100 shots. Generally, 1 BB = 1 mAh, although this may vary depending on several factors (see below). Depending on how much you fire, your battery should last you between 3-4 hours.

Bear in mind that this will generally depend on the type of battery you are using and the frequency of your shots. With different brands of batteries available in the market, it’s only suitable that you pick a top-quality airsoft battery.

The cost of the battery does not necessarily determine its quality. You’ll need to look out for factors like brand and capacity before settling for an option. This is why some cheap batteries still last as long as expensive ones. Read on to learn more about factors that will affect your battery use and how to make your battery last longer.

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Factors That Affect Airsoft Battery Lifespan

airsoft battery lifespan

As explained earlier, different factors may affect the amount of time an airsoft battery would last.

Airsoft batteries come in two varieties: LiPo batteries and the older NiMh battery type. Both of these types of battery have their own pros and cons, and fans of both sides of the argument are quick to defend them.

However, the debate may be missing the point.

The truth is that your airsoft guns will fire just as many BBs with a fresh battery as with a half-depleted one. It’s true that LiPo batteries will last longer, but only because they can provide more power. So, the real question is not how to extend your airsoft battery’s lifespan, but how to get the most out of it.

Here are factors that will help (or hurt) you get the most out of your airsoft battery:

1. Battery Rating

The first and most important factor that affects an airsoft’s battery life is its rating. Different batteries are rated differently, and their performance will depend on their rating number. For instance, a battery rated at 1200 mAh will fire between 1100 and 1300 shots before needing a recharge. 

2. Charge Time

Beyond battery rating, you also want to check charge time when determining how long your airsoft battery would last. Like most other types of batteries, airsoft batteries require complete charging to operate at their maximum capacity. Lack of complete charging usually translates to a fewer number of shots from your electric airsoft gun.

3. Speed of Fire

Having known that your battery capacity is directly proportional to the number of shots it can hold, it’s easy to tell that firing too quickly will reduce your battery life rapidly. Going on full-automatic mode every time will not only rapidly reduce your available bullets but it’ll also discharge your battery more quickly.

4. Battery Type 

Another critical factor that determines battery life is the type you purchase.

Most airsoft gun experts recommend lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries.

Compared to most other types of batteries, LiPo batteries last longer, allowing you to have several more shots before needing a recharge.

5. Maintenance Skills 

Like most other parts of your airsoft gun, the battery requires adequate maintenance to last longer. Careless use of your battery will gradually reduce its capacity. One area of care you should watch out for is during recharge. If you don’t recharge your battery carefully, you can potentially damage its power capacity.

Airsoft Battery Maintenance Tips

Almost all of the airsoft battery care happens during charging. If you must store your batteries, we recommend storing them when fully charged. Although your airsoft battery will lose its power over time and eventually die, it’s still important to understand proper maintenance. Taking good care will help maximize the life span of your battery.

Most airsoft guns are fitted with cheaper battery options and a basic charger. Basic chargers here stand for chargers that only provide a continuous flow of power to your battery. Such chargers continue to pump power into your battery, even when it’s charged to maximum capacity.

This can easily result in the damage of your battery or even a house fire in worse scenarios. So it’s vital to constantly attend to your battery when charging it, irrespective of the type of charger you are using.

You can tell when your battery is fully charged by touching it. The battery will be slightly warm when fully charged. However, we recommend buying an auto cut-off charger if you want to elongate your charger’s lifespan.

Overall, a smart charger will help ensure that you do not worry about overcharging your battery. Just make sure that you are using the right charger for your battery.

Remember to give your battery a partial charge before storing it if you won’t use it for a long time.

Also, store your battery at room temperature.

Remember that batteries with higher capacity generally last longer, especially when you are using them in winter. We recommend using a discharger if you own a NiCad battery.

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