how much does paintball cost

How Much Does Paintball Cost?

Paintball is a great option for a weekend of fun, but it’s also a sport that requires certain equipment and costs. In this guide, we cover how much does paintball cost. First, you will need to buy a paintball gun if you don’t already have one, and you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $x,xxx!, depending on the options you choose. There will be the initial costs of getting into paintball, such as the paintball gun, hopper, and safety gear, and you’ll also have recurring expenses, such as paintballs, CO2 or compressed air, and field rental.

So, how much does paintball cost? The cost of paintball varies greatly and could run anywhere from $150 to over $3400 to get started. These numbers don’t factor in recurring expenses but may include the cost of the paintball gun, a hopper, paintballs, CO2 or compressed air, safety mask and vest, and facility rental. These are the various costs associated with paintball:

  • Paintball gun: $50-$2,500
  • Hopper: $5-250
  • Paintballs: $30-80
  • Co2 and compressed gas: $12-80 +refills
  • Face protection: $20-500
  • Paintball clothing: $20-60+
  • Field rental: $10-40

Paintball is fast-paced, fun, and people from beginners to advanced can participate. 

With many different types of games and other factors to consider, it’s a sport people can experiment with to figure out what works for them. The cost of paintball varies greatly, and practice and experience can dictate how much or how little money you choose to spend.

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Paintball Gun Cost (AKA “Paintball Markers”)


Unless you want to chuck paintballs at opponents, the paintball gun will be the most critical component of playing paintball. The technical name of a paintball gun is a marker, but for these purposes and because it’s what more people recognize, we’ll continue to call it a paintball gun.

The most basic paintball guns are usually the most economical choice, but they tend to be more difficult to fire accurately because they don’t have scopes. Professional-level paintball guns cost more, but they are easier to use and can fire more shots per minute. 

There are mechanical and electric paintball guns, which will affect the price. The hopper, while it attaches to the gun, is typically sold separately. 

Like it sounds, mechanical guns operate purely mechanically. When the trigger is pulled, a spring is released, propelling a bolt forward that launches the paintball. The paintball is pushed in the barrel by the bolt that strikes a pin. The pin triggers a valve that lets air into the barrel.

In an electrical paintball gun, the trigger is activated by a battery-powered circuit board, activating solenoids that fire the gun. These circuit boards can be programmed to fire automatically or in different patterns. This allows trigger pulls to be more like a mouse click and increases the rate of fire. However, they need a regulator for consistent air release into the barrel.

The way a paintball operates will affect the price. 

Entry-level paintball guns will cost around $30-$100. This price range would be for a mechanically-operated gun you’d likely only be occasionally using. If you’re going to play more frequently, bumping up into the $100-$200 range could get you slightly better performance and accuracy. 

When you get into professional-level paintball guns, you’ll be looking at costs that can run substantially higher, likely in the $200-500 range, but some very high-end options could run as high as $2500! This will include both mechanical and electrical guns and give you substantially improved speed, accuracy, and consistency. 

Keep in mind some guns come as part of a paintball equipment package that could include additional items like the hopper, paintballs, gas, and even some protective gear. 



Also known as the loader, the hopper stores and feeds the paintballs into the gun. These vary in weight and capacity. The more paintballs a hopper holds, the heavier it will be. Higher-end units will feed much faster and more efficiently than the cheaper ones. Your level of competition will dictate what kind of hopper you will need. 

Inexpensive hoppers cost around $5. These will likely hold about 50-100 paintballs sufficient for beginners, but you may find some with a higher capacity.

Professional level hoppers feed faster, hold more, and jam less. Electronic hoppers allow for more consistent feeding and cost upwards of $250.



A recurring cost, paintballs are water-soluble gel-filled capsules projected from the paintball gun. Another necessary component of the sport, they vary in quality, including paint, wall thickness, and how round they are. This results in price variabilities.  

Lower-end paintballs start around $30 for a quantity of about 2000. Higher-quality paintballs can run up to around $80 for the same amount. 

CO2 and Compressed Gas

$12-$80 plus refills

This is another example of a recurring cost. Paintball guns need CO2 or compressed air to operate. CO2 is cheaper but less environmentally friendly and less reliable. But it is easier to find, and most paintball fields have it available. 

Refillable tanks for both initially cost anywhere from around $30 up to $80. The higher-end tanks will include adjustable regulators. Just make sure you buy one specific to either CO2 or compressed air. 

A one-time-use canister of CO2 starts at around $12. A refill for a refillable 20 oz tank will run around $5 and can be done at paintball stores or many sporting goods stores. 

Compressed air comes in refillable canisters. Many scuba stores refill compressed air tanks. Refills cost around $3-$5 but can be a bit more for larger tanks. 

Face Protection


You will need a paintball mask. These are a critical safety component of the game and are required to play.

The cheapest can be found for around $20 and protect your eyes, but they are not built for comfort. If you’re going to be renting a mask, this is likely the quality you will get since they’re made of rubber and easy to clean between uses. 

As you get into more expensive masks, you can expect to pay upwards of $500! These will have better ventilation to prevent fogging up and be made of more comfortable materials, such as foam. If you’re playing at a high level, seeing clearly is critical.

There are many masks available in the middle price range. It’s up to you and your budget to decide what will work best for your needs. 

Paintball Clothing Costs


When playing paintball, the key is to expose as little skin as possible. The cost will vary greatly depending on what you already have and how much you want to spend on clothing, specifically paintball.

It will likely be necessary to purchase a protective vest. These come padded to absorb the impacts of paintballs. The best ones have multiple pockets to hold various things on the field, such as water, radios, or personal items. Cheap, low-quality vests can be found for around $20, while the expenses vests may run upwards of $60.

We won’t quantify the cost of general clothing since most people likely have the following already:

Loose-fitting, long-sleeve shirts or sweatshirts are best. Long, loose-fitting pants are also advised, such as sweat pants or cargo pants. The more protection to keep away the sting of paintballs, the better! You may also opt for knee pads for stealth crawling, diving, and kneeling. 

Gloves for protecting your hands are also important. Thin gloves like baseball, gardening, or golf gloves allow you to have plenty of dexterity. 

Paintball Field Rental Cost


Field rental costs will vary depending on location and facility. Some packages include more than just the rental, such as paintballs and even lunch. Of course, those with more offerings will likely cost on the higher end of the spectrum. Professional fields will also likely cost more but will have features designed for a higher level of play.

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