how to load CO2 into an airsoft pistol

How to Load CO2 Into an Airsoft Pistol

You have your CO2 cartridge, and you have chosen the best airsoft pistol for you, but…how in the hell do you load it?! This article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to load CO2 into an airsoft pistol. While CO2 cartridges make airsoft pistols much more powerful than spring-powered guns, it requires a very slight twist to load these cartridges. Unfortunately, this is often where users make mistakes that can lead to serious injury.

Loading a CO2 canister into your airsoft pistol can be a dangerous process if you do not do it correctly. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to load CO2 into an airsoft pistol safely:

  • Taking proper safety measures 
  • Unscrewing the screw fastened to the bottom of the pistol 
  • Removing the pistol grip
  • Removing existing CO2 container
  • Putting in a new CO2 container correctly
  • Replacing the pistol grip 
  • Securing the CO2 plate
  • Proper disposal of CO2 canister
  • Reload and return to play

To read in-depth instructions on how to load CO2 canister safely and correctly into an airsoft pistol, continue down below!

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how to load CO2 into an airsoft pistol

Replacing a CO2 canister in your airsoft pistol can be very dangerous if you do not follow basic safety precautions and complete the steps correctly.

Make sure that the existing CO2 canister is fully spent and all the gas is used to avoid any injury of lingering gas.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Goggles
  • New CO2 canister – Ensure that you have the correct CO2 canister for your airsoft model

Step 1 – Take proper safety measures

The first step in learning how to how to put a co2 cartridge in an airsoft pistol is to make sure you have your goggles on before going any further!

Make sure the airsoft pistol’s safety switch is on.

Remove the magazine and any ammunition.

Even though it is empty, point the airsoft pistol in a safe direction.

Double and triple check that you have done all of these things.

Step 2 – Unscrew the bottom plate

Turn over the airsoft pistol and look at the pistol grip. Locate the screws which secures the CO2 canister at the base of the pistol grip. Take the screw driver and unscrew them carefully. Do not lose your screws. 

Some will have screws that you do not remove from the airsoft pistol itself, but you will only need to loosen them. In this case, turn the screw counterclockwise. Be sure that you have loosened it entirely for the removal of the CO2 canister.

Step 3 – Remove the grip

There may be additional screws to remove the grip. Remove those screws and do not lose them. Remove the airsoft pistol grip to reveal the CO2 canister and slot. 

Some grips slide off once the bottom plate has been loosened. For these airsoft pistols, carefully slide the grip in the correct direction. 

Step 4 – Remove the CO2 canister

Remove the existing CO2 canister from the slot. Remember to make sure the canister is empty. If you are having difficulty removing the canister, do not force it; safety first. Look to the bottom plate and ensure it has been loosened entirely.

Step 5 – Replace the CO2 canister

Add the new canister into the canister slot. Make sure you put the CO2 canister with the neck going into the slot first.

Step 6 – Reattach the grip

Now locate any of your screws used to attach the grip. Using a screwdriver, reattach the grips of your airsoft pistol. Make sure the screws are fully tightened. 

If your grip was not attached through additional screws, slide the grip back into place in the opposite direction you used to remove it. 

Step 7 – Secure the CO2 plate

Locate the screws used for securing the CO2 plate. Using a screwdriver, reattach the plate. Be sure that the screws have been fully tightened. 

If there were no screws that needed to be removed, turn the attached screw clockwise until fully tightened. 

By tightening these screws, you will be piercing the CO2 cartridge and prepping it for use. If the CO2 canister is not pierced, the airsoft gun will not function.

Step 8 – Properly dispose of your CO2 canister

Be sure that you are properly and safely disposing of the used and spent CO2 canisters.

Contact your local waste management to see their guidelines on how to safely dispose of used CO2 canisters.

Never throw away CO2 canisters that may still have residual CO2 within it.

Step 9 – Reload and play

Now that you have replaced your CO2 canister, properly reassembled the airsoft pistol, and carefully and correctly disposed of the CO2 canister, you may now reinsert a loaded magazine and safely return to play. 

Pay careful attention to each step and complete them accurately. Remember that replacing a CO2 canister can be dangerous if completed incorrectly.

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