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What is MOSFET Airsoft?

First invented in 1962, MOSFETs are most commonly used in computer motherboards and power supplies, as well as a variety of other electronic devices. But how does that relate to airsoft?! In this article, we answer all of your burning MOSFET airsoft questions.

So, what is MOSFET Airsoft? MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, which when installed into your airsoft gun can improve its performance while also protecting your airsoft gun’s trigger. When closing the electrical circuit by engaging the trigger, the MOSFET redirects electrical currents in your airsoft gun straight to the motor, avoiding the trigger switch.

We are not going to go into the full detail of this electrical component up here, but simply state that MOSFETs typically refers to electronic triggers in airsoft guns. To read more on what MOSFET airsoft is and if it is right for you, continue down below!

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MOSFET Airsoft

what is mosfet airsoft?

MOSFET is a type of transistor, a semiconductor which switches or amplifies electronic signals, that turns the electrical current in your airsoft gun away from the trigger.

These triggers are typically housed in the magazine of airsoft guns and are responsible for the electrical power that is used to send the BBs down the barrel, which is what makes the gun fire.

MOSFET airsoft guns replace the simple circuit used in standard automatic electric guns (AEGs), which allows for the electrical current to reach the trigger and lead to trigger malfunction.

By replacing the AEG current, MOSFET airsoft transistors will divert the current to the motor, bypassing the trigger and extending the life of the trigger.

How Does MOSFET Airsoft Work?

Electric airsoft guns function by using a circuit composed of a battery, motor, and trigger. MOSFET in an airsoft gun adds an additional wire to redirect the electrical current. When the trigger is engaged, it stimulates the MOSFET, which then will start the flow of electricity from the battery to the motor, not through the trigger.

The MOSFET also controls the electrical current allowing for a smaller current to pass through to the motor, reducing damage caused by electrical arcs. 

Benefits of MOSFET Airsoft

When an electrical arc is created with an engaged simple electrical circuit in an AEG, it causes carbon build up. This carbon build up can lead to several less than desirable effects. With a build up of carbon your trigger can stick in the fire position. Your trigger contact may be weakened causing your airsoft gun to not fire reliably. 

To avoid this result you would need to disassemble and clean your airsoft gun more frequently. By installing a MOSFET you can avoid this build up or at least reduce the build up to decrease the frequency with which you would need to service your airsoft gun.

Beyond needing to clear out carbon build up in your trigger switch, MOSFET also provides further protection by decreasing and controlling the amount and strength of electrical current when the trigger is engaged. Electrical arcs caused by simple circuits will cause high temperatures in your airsoft gun which can lead to failure and damage of your weapon. MOSFET will allow you to use your airsoft gun longer without concerns of causing any equipment malfunctions. 

Since the MOSFET can control the amount of electricity, it can increase the rate of fire of your airsoft gun and allow your trigger to be more responsive while also reducing damage to the trigger switch. 

Using a MOSFET will improve the longevity of your airsoft trigger and overall airsoft gun so that you can worry about eliminating opponents rather than if your airsoft gun will be defective during a game.

Downsides of MOSFET Airsoft

While MOSFET has several benefits for you, your airsoft gun, and your overall play, there can be some aspects that detract from installing a MOSFET.  

Depending on the MOSFET you select, it can be very expensive to purchase one that you like. While regular MOSFETs can be priced around $30, some kits to install more advanced MOSFET can reach up to $150.

You will want to weigh the cost of the MOSFET versus the cost of the time and effort you spend on general upkeep of cleaning carbon build up and repairing trigger switches, before making a decision to purchase a MOSFET.

Beyond the expense to purchase a MOSFET, you will need to install the MOSFET. If you are not comfortable and/or do not have the technical knowledge to do rewiring that is required to install your MOSFET, you would need to hire someone with that knowledge to do it.

By attempting to install the MOSFET yourself, you do run the risk of damaging your airsoft gun if you do not complete it correctly and carefully. If you do not want to pay for the installment and do not have the technical skills to complete it yourself, MOSFET may not be for you at this time.

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