what is airsoft cqb

What is Airsoft CQB?

No matter f you’re just getting started in Airsoft or are a seasoned vet, this article will help you understand exactly what is airsoft CQB. We also prepare you for your first CQB match, how to play it, the best CQB airsoft guns, and everything else to consider before jumping into this different type of airsoft game.

So, what is Airsoft CQB? Airsoft CQB, also known as CQC, is a style of airsoft play, which stands for Close Quarter Battle or Combat. This style of play generally takes place indoors and will be a faster-paced, close proximity type of competition. 

Do you have what it takes to engage in close quarter battle arenas or want to know if you do? Continue reading to learn more about what CQB is, how it works, and things to consider for CQB gameplay down below.

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Airsoft CQB = Airsoft Close Quarters Battle

what is airsoft cqb

Airsoft CQB is a fast-paced style of airsoft, most often played in indoor locations rather than outdoor arenas. This style of play is fairly straightforward with the goal to eliminate the other team before they eliminate you. Since this is a simple style of gameplay, it can be played by new and inexperienced players as well as veteran players. All skill levels wanted and welcome.

The challenge with CQB is the proximity to other players, compounded by the presence of obstacles, such as blindspots and areas difficult to navigate and keep safely clear. Generally you will have more ammunition and will be engaging in much shorter distances from other players. Due to the fast-paced nature of CQB, games will typically not last as long; depending on the teams and player skill levels, games can last from 10-30 minutes. 

How Airsoft CQB Works

Once you are equipped to the standards of the facility you are playing at, you will be split into two teams of at least four players per team. Inside the arena, there will be different types of obstacles that make CQB difficult and force you into close contact with other players. You will encounter smaller rooms, windows, blind corners, sharp turns, and other tight spaces. 

The end goal is to eliminate the other team within the time-based pressures that come with it being in such tight and close quarters. Often you will want to make sure you are clearing rooms, doors, windows, and corners to ensure you are not eliminated early by the other team by easy mistakes. Never assume a room is clear, even after you cleared it.

Things to Consider for Airsoft Close Quarter Combat

There are several aspects you will need to consider when engaging in close quarters battle that make it different from other forms of airsoft play. First you will want to use different guns in CQB than you would in outdoor play. Typically ideal guns would be lighter, easier to handle guns so that you can be much more efficient during the game. Good options would be short and compact guns, such as gas blowback (GBB) pistols and submachine guns (SMG). Do not weigh yourself down with bulky, longer, slower guns.

Other equipment, such as protective gear, will not be the same as field or outdoor play. You will want lighter gear than you would normally wear in outdoor airsoft play. If you are comfortable with this and you are above the age of 18 or have parental consent, you might even omit some optional gear. Omitting optional gear allows for you to be lighter and faster while you are not weighted down by extra gear. But never risk your safety or the safety of others for the sake of the game.

Due to the nature of the quick and close proximity gameplay, you will generally be using more ammunition, but that does not mean you should be trigger-happy – use only one to two shots on your targets. You will also want to make sure you have at least a secondary gun as you may not always have time to reload your gun.

Always clear rooms and entryways to rooms when going through the arena, but do not assume that just because you cleared it that it will always remain clear. Be ready for previously cleared rooms to be occupied when you next encounter it. 

Make sure you are playing in tandem with your team. Be in communication as much as possible, report to your leader. Depending on your team strategy, it is best to never enter rooms by yourself and always have a teammate to watch your back. More eyes watching out for the other team and attacks from blindspots will keep you and your teammates in the game for longer.

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