what is an AEG airsoft gun?

What is an AEG Airsoft Gun?

Maybe you’ve heard the term thrown about, but you don’t want to ask your friends for fear of being labeled a noob? It’s ok, we got your back! Seriously, what is an AEG airsoft gun? At a high level, an AEG is the type of airsoft gun most people think of when they hear the term “airsoft gun.” More specifically…

What is an AEG airsoft gun? Automatic Electric Guns, or AEG airsoft guns are the most common skirmish-worthy guns. They use battery power (along with a motor and gears) to propel plastic BBs. Like spring guns, AEG guns are designed to use a spring-loaded piston. However, they use portable rechargeable batteries to power their electric motors instead of the usual manual operation.

The electric motor transmits through a gearbox to compress the pump springs while propelling the BB pallets.

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4 Types of AEG Airsoft Guns

AEG airsoft gun

Like most other types of guns, the best AEG airsoft guns come in different types and each type suits a unique operation.

The most common types of AEG airsoft guns include:

1. Low Powered Electric Airsoft Guns 

Although these kinds of guns carry a similar design to the higher-priced and more original AEGs, they still have several unique features that stand them out.

The relatively small construction and low velocity they feature puts them below spring-operated guns in terms of rating. They are generally considered to be excellent choices for people looking for very cheap airsoft guns that will get them started. 

2. Mid-Range AEG Guns

Over time, some brands have improved their guns’ quality to the extent that buyers now simply refer to some models as mid-range AEGs. Perhaps the most significant advantage of this type of gun is its ability to deliver relatively effective shots without costing too much.

Most airsoft players refer to this type of gun as medium-priced AEGs because of their price range. Some MPEGs are designed as direct clones of original guns, so they are excellent choices for people seeking to get the original feel from their guns.

3. Electric Blowback Airsoft Guns

Otherwise known as EBBs, these high-end AEGs are designed to run with a rechargeable 9.6 volts battery. Electric blowbacks typically come as riffles. Manufacturers develop them with an aim to simulate the blowback actions that happen in real rifles and pistols, although with fewer kicks.

A significant disadvantage of having this blowback feature is the quick depletion of battery life that it causes. 

4. Mini Electrics

In recent years, airsoft companies are beginning to diversify into manufacturing a range of battery-powered guns in small-looking sizes. Although they fire in fully automatic mode, these guns still differ from GPMGs in structure and design. It’s easier to refer to them as miniaturized versions of real firearms than as direct replicas.

Their BB capacity is relatively small, usually ranging from 50 to 100 rounds. Their recent popularity now means that more brands are manufacturing it.

3 Extra Accessories to Buy When Upgrading Your AEG Airsoft Gun

You’ve purchased your airsoft gun, and now you are considering making it more awesome before your next game. Here are extra accessories that you can buy to give your AEG airsoft gun a customized appeal. 

1. Smart Charger

Indeed, your airsoft gun would come with a charger, but these chargers hardly do anything beyond continuous charging. If you are serious about maintaining healthy battery life, then a smart charger is something you must invest in. Unlike basic chargers, smart chargers feature a unique full charge indication technology that allows them to trip off when your airsoft battery is full. This helps to prevent battery damage and possible fire explosion.

2. Extra Batteries

Most serious airsoft players understand the need for uninterrupted power during games. No one wants to lose a game because of technical issues. Mid-game battery changes are common, but no one wants the time wastage that comes with changing batteries.

Experts often advise upgrading from your standard airsoft batteries to better versions like the 3000maH battery. Battery upgrades do not only guarantee longer playing time, but they also mean that you’ll spend less time trying to recharge.

 It’s always better to get batteries from reputable brands. You should also know the different types of battery available and pick one that best suits your shooting needs.

3. Extra Magazines

Most starters can barely tell exactly how much ammo they’ll need per game.

It’s better to play on the safe side than to be sorry.

Therefore, you’ll be doing yourself good by buying extra ammo to last you throughout your game. This is a point you won’t want to overlook if you intend to be serious with airsoft gaming.

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