what is red gas airsoft

What is Red Gas (Airsoft)?

You probably know what co2 is, but did you know that not all airsoft guns use it? In this article, we cover what is red gas airsoft, the differences between red, green, and co2 and scenarios when to use each.

So, what is red gas airsoft? Red gas is used for firing higher-end gas-powered airsoft guns. It is propane that is stored at very high pressures. The higher compression of the gas results in a higher velocity when the airsoft gun is fired. It is excellent for frigid temperatures as it can increase FPS by 40%. However, it should not be used in warm weather conditions as the higher FPS makes it too powerful and can be dangerous to use in airsoft play. Red gas is also not red.

Red gas is not as common as other types used for powering gas-powered airsoft guns, such as green gas or CO2. Its best use is for shooting in colder weather. It is also more difficult to find than the other types. A good understanding of the different gas types will help you determine the best type of gas for your purpose.

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Red Gas Airsoft

red gas airsoft

Suitable for playing airsoft in colder climates, red gas is a variant of green gas. The difference being it is highly pressurized and thus fires higher velocities. It should only be used by experienced players.

The increased velocity also increases speed and accuracy. However, this increased pressure and firing capacity can also damage your gun’s internal components. Ironically, there is an even higher likelihood of damage in colder weather because the chill makes your gun components more brittle. Therefore, make sure your gun is designed to handle the additional pressure and colder weather firing conditions. 

Exercise caution when storing red gas. Ensure it is kept outside the house, preferably in a garage and away from heat sources since it is highly pressurized. 

If you’re looking for an all-purpose gas for airsoft play, green gas and CO2 will be better options. 

Green Gas

Green gas is commonly used in gas-powered airsoft guns. It is a high-pressure gas and is an excellent performer, including speed, accuracy, durability, and impact. It is higher performing and therefore recommended for use by intermediate and professional players.

Green-gas-powered guns are the most realistic, and therefore most often preferred by military and law enforcement for training and simulations. They must be operated as real guns to be used properly.

An 8-ounce can of green gas can fill 50 magazines and fire approximately 1500 pellets. It also comes in cartridges that can fill 2.5 magazines each. Cartridges and cans are two different mechanisms for holding green gas, and the price reflects the different sizes.

Green gas is simply propane. Refillable tanks are also available and can be refilled with regular camping propane. However, lubricant will need to be added periodically if you choose to go this route.

Overall, green gas lasts longer and is therefore much better in competition but is not as efficient in cold weather, resulting in lower velocities.

It should be stored in the garage, preferably by a window, as it is pressurized. If it leaks, being near a window will help vent it. However, keeping it out of direct sunlight is essential as the heat can further pressurize it, potentially resulting in an explosion (although the likelihood is low). 

Green gas costs around $12-17 per can. If you choose to buy in bulk, it can be around as little as $7-8 per can. While it can be slightly more expensive than CO2, there are substantially fewer maintenance costs on your airsoft gun when using green gas.


CO2 is carbon dioxide. It is a higher power than green gas, making it better for colder regions. The velocity can be adjusted but typically shoots around 400 VPS. 

It typically comes in 12g capsules or cartridges rather than cans and can be found online or in airsoft gun stores. The average cost is around $1/cartridge. A cartridge lasts about 2.5 magazines, making it slightly less expensive than green gas. However, your gun’s maintenance costs when using CO2 are much higher. CO2 does not contain a lubricant, and the higher velocity results in your gun breaking down much faster than with green gas. 

CO2 magazines don’t have an internal reservoir, so the cartridges have to be changed out every time they run out. However, there is no way to know the gas level. This can result in waste since it’s preferable to change a cartridge out before it runs out. Changing the cartridge can also be time-consuming and not desirable when in the middle of a game.

As with the other gases, you should store CO2 safely in a garage or outbuilding. 

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