where to sell airsoft guns

Where to Sell Airsoft Guns

Airsofting is a great expensive hobby, so when you’re done playing you need to know where to sell airsoft guns (and attachments and gear and…). Just like buying your first airsoft gun, selling airsoft guns can be a bit tricky if you’ve never done it before, because you can absolutely get cheated (boo) and leave money on the table.

Here’s that quick list of the best places to sell airsoft guns:

  • Airsoft fields and facilities
  • Classified ads
  • Local law enforcement
  • Gun stores
  • Airsoft gun stores
  • To a friend
  • Garage sales
  • Airsoft forums and message boards
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • HopUp App
  • Airsoft Smugglers

But WAIT! This post not only covers the best place to sell airsoft guns, but also the best way to sell airsoft guns…so keep reading, quitter. 😛

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best place to sell airsoft guns

1. Airsoft Fields and Facilities

If you’re a regular to the field, you likely know the owner, employees, and other players. Spread the word that you are trying to sell your airsoft gun. Word-of-mouth can be an excellent sales mechanism. If there is a bulletin board for putting up flyers, create one that lists your gun’s specifics, any upgrades, your contact information, and include a great photo. 

2. Classified Ads 

These are typically ads bought and placed in your local newspaper, and most now offer an online version as well. Additionally, there may be weekly circulars explicitly targeting a specific geographic area or demographic. These may charge a fee, but it may be a good option depending on your target buyer.

3. Local Law Enforcement 

Military and law enforcement sometimes use airsoft guns for training simulations. Depending on the type of airsoft gun you are selling, it may be worth checking with your local police department or Sheriff’s office to see if they have a use for the type you are selling.

4. Gun Stores 

Your local gun store may sell airsoft guns, and some may take them in on consignment or buy them outright. Stores typically charge a percentage of the sale if taken in on consignment, but it may be worth it to avoid the hassle of dealing with potential buyers. Plus, gun stores have a steady stream of customers already interested in guns.

5. Airsoft Gun Stores

If there is an airsoft gun specialty store nearby, this is also an excellent place to consider. Their consignment policies are likely similar to that of a regular gun store, and their customers are already interested in buying airsoft guns, especially one that is priced right! Additionally, they likely take trades so you could get a credit towards a new gun by trading in your old one. 

6. To a Friend (Never to a Foe 🙂 )

Get your friend into airsoft. Invite them to play, loan them a spare or have them rent one, and get them hooked. Then offer to sell them your old one!

7. Garage Sale

While this isn’t likely the best option for high-end, custom, or rare airsoft guns, it could be a good place to get rid of cheaper or more common ones. You never know who might decide to buy an airsoft gun on a whim.

8. Airsoft forums and message boards

You will reach a much larger audience by listing here, and it’s where you’ll find the airsoft gun aficionados. If you have a custom gun or one with some high-end modifications, this is where people will appreciate its value. You will likely need to register to the forum and look specifically for its classified section. Fill in the information about your gun, any special modifications, especially if done professionally, list price and contact information. Be prepared to negotiate shipping and payment options, although some may have a built-in capacity for both. 

9. eBay

eBay could be a good option if you have a budget gun in excellent condition, but there are some downfalls to going this route.

First, is it legal to sell airsoft guns on eBay? Yes, but you must follow very specific guidelines. While you’ll have an international audience, you’ll also have to deal with their return policy and whatever payment option is chosen by your buyer. You must accurately describe your airsoft gun, listing specific details such as type, velocity, pellet size, and weight.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist is a fairly straightforward option for selling locally, particularly if you don’t want to deal with shipping. You can do it on a computer or use the app. It’s easy to post, but you will likely have to negotiate on price and work with people to determine a time and place for them to look at your airsoft gun. 

To help in some of this from the get-go, make sure you accurately and thoroughly describe it. Take quality photos showing all aspects of your airsoft gun. 

Make sure you include a way for them to contact you. The downfall of Craigslist is the number of spammers, so a good way to do this is to have the contact information be the automatic email that doesn’t show your actual email until you start replying. 

11. Facebook

Like Craigslist, Facebook is a good option for locally selling your airsoft gun, and it now has a shipping option. You’ll want to include good photos and a thorough description to avoid a barrage of questions. If you cross-post, be prepared to respond to people from multiple pages, and keeping track of who was first to inquire can be a hassle. However, there may be less room for them to negotiate if there is a lot of interest! 

12. HopUp App

HopUp is a classified app specifically for airsoft guns, ammo, and accessories. It’s available in the App Store or Google Play. While it’s free to list your airsoft gun, the app does charge a 7% transaction fee and a 3% payment processing fee once your item sells, plus shipping if you charge the buyer. Fees are deducted before payout, which is done once the sale is complete. As with other ads, make sure you have an accurate title, a good description including condition, price, and at least three quality pictures.

13. Airsoft Smugglers

The AirsoftSmugglers.com marketplace is a large online marketplace to buy, sell, trade, and even give airsoft equipment away.

The website is currently run by a small group of airsoft enthusiasts who are dedicated to helping the airsoft community get better equipment and airsoft accessories at an affordable rate.

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