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Where to Sell Ammo? (6 Places to Sell Today)

Gun ammo is a “hot” item, but getting rid of your old, unwanted ammunition can be a pain, especially if you live in a rural area. If you’re unsure where to sell ammo legally (and for the most profit), this article is for you.

So, where are the best places to sell ammo in 2024?

  • Auction sites
  • Physical gun shops
  • Gun forums
  • eBay
  • Gun brokers
  • GunAmerica.com

Each option listed above is a solid option for selling ammunition, but it’s also important to note that each of them is unique in how they cater to gun and ammunition seller’s needs. Therefore, they would typically cater to different segments of buyers and sellers. This article reviews different places to sell ammo in 2024.

Best Places to Sell Ammunition for the Most Profit

With the ammo industry becoming more regulated around the world, it has become more challenging to find where to sell your ammo when you need to.

No other sector is measured as closely and emotionally as the ammunition industry. Potential ammo traders would need to properly understand the federal and state ammunition laws in their area.

In addition to knowing their rules, you must know the best place to sell your ammo. Unfortunately, this information doesn’t come so easily. To help, we’ve curated the best online and offline locations to sell your ammo.

1. Auction Sites 

One of the most significant differences between gun brokers and selling via auction sites is the unavailability of listing fees when using a reliable auction site.

This typically means that sellers would only need to pay a final value fee on sales. Of course, you can relist your ammo as many times as you want without any cost until it is sold.

However, before listing your ammo on an auction site, here are some things that you should do:

  • Weight your ammo in its appropriate shipment package
  • Write a detailed description of the item, including relevant information that buyers may be looking for.
  • Determine the minimum amount that you want to sell the item for.
  • Take clear digital photos showing vital parts of the ammo. The photos do not need to be professional; just ensure that they are clear enough for potential buyers to see the present ammo state.

What is The Condition of The Ammo and What’s It Worth?

Before uploading your ammo on a gun auction site, you must be honest to yourself about the present condition of the ammo. Perhaps, you can get a gunsmith to help check it out and handle some repairs needed for adequate functionality.

If you are not sure how to cost it, you can have a dealer or a gunsmith do it for you. They deal with ammo every day, so they’ll give you a good estimate of the present worth of your gun. 

You never can tell; your gunsmith or dealer may even make a good offer for your gun, saving you the stress of listing it to sell online.

2. eBay

Irrespective of the tightening laws on selling ammunition online, we are still seeing more people turn to eBay. 

Personally, I’ve seen people trade guns and gun accessories on eBay, but it’s not the best option for first-time sellers.

You’ll need to know so many rules before listing your ammo on eBay, and unless you are willing to read it all up, it may not necessarily be an ideal option for you.

For example, someone once reported my friend’s auction for two—25 ACP six-round magazines as 25 rounds magazines. Of course, this meant that he violated the platform’s “ten-round capacity only” policy.

As usual, eBay does not do detailed research or investigations on the report. Instead, they just jump to deleting your listing, and there’s hardly any recourse. 

If you are going to sell ammo online, then there are so many things you’ll need to consider. However, the most crucial factor is the myriad of the always-changing gun laws and how it varies across different states.

3. Physical Gun Shops

What if you don’t want to sell online? What if you are anxious about the possibility of someone flaking out of the deal?

sell ammo to physical gun stores

As an alternative, you can opt to sell your gun in a gun shop. Although not many people choose this option, it’s still a viable option worth trying.

Otherwise known as firearm stores, gun shops are business establishments that sell small arms like shotguns and handguns to individuals in an open shopping format.

These shops would also know how to repair firearms and their accessories. However, such shops are hard to find, but you can look around your neighborhood or ask other gun users where they got their guns from.

It’s important to note that physical gun stores would be selective of the kind of ammo they accept, so they may not accept everything.

But if you are just looking to get your ammo out of your house, you can try selling to them or see if they can offer it on consignment.

Since they are typically buying to resell, you can expect them to cut some percentage of the used price of your ammo when purchasing.

4. Gun Forums

Online groups and forums are becoming more popular for selling guns and other used ammo at reasonable prices.

What’s not to like about these forums?

They are not only entertaining; they also connect you to people that may be interested in buying your ammo. Perhaps what’s more exciting about these forums is that they give you access to a larger audience. It’s also where you’ll find gun experts and enthusiasts.

If you have custom ammo or one that has probably undergone some top-level modifications, you’ll find people that will appreciate the value here. 

Most forums are closed and require registration, especially if you want access to classified sections. Fill in detailed information about your ammo. Describe any modifications and include your contact information. If you intend to use this option, be prepared to negotiate shipping and payment options with your prospective buyer.

5. Guns America

Guns America has grown into one of the most popular websites for buying and selling ammo. The online platform has existed since 1997, and it is primarily set up to connect ammo buyers with sellers.

The platform requires a high level of transparency from participants when listing and negotiating to buy ammo. 

They operate with the belief that accurate information about your ammo builds confidence with buyers. Therefore, they often urge sellers to include detailed descriptions and clear photos when listing ammo for sale.

Let’s also mention that the platform does not offer buyers any protection, so if you are going there to buy, you should ensure that you have some confidence in the seller before selling. 

Note that you’ll be charged an after-sale commission of 4% if you list on this platform. If you would be selling ammo regularly, we recommend getting a trusted seller account for a monthly fee of $49.95.

Tips For Selling Your Ammo With Profit

Whether you are selling your ammo to a physical ammo shop, a gun dealer, or through an auction website, you want to get the best deal for your ammo. For starters, it’s essential to understand the actual worth of the ammo and what an appraisal for it looks like. 

Over time, we’ve heard so many stories from around the world from people that had inherited firearms about the surprising amount of money they had received when they chose to sell the firearms. Most times, these ammos mean so much to your family, and that’s why it is annoying or even outrightly irritating to see people name incredibly low prices for them when they want to buy. 

Most gun owners find it difficult or annoying to dispose of their ammo legally and safely when they decide to sell. However, this shouldn’t be the case for you. Not when you know several legal places to try now. 

The general rule of thumb to try to make maximum profit from your ammo is to do adequate research. This is one point that cannot be overemphasized. Look at the type of gun you have.

Find out about its manufacturer and the history behind the ammo. Also, look at the market to see what it sells for new, used, etc.

Look at the present condition of the ammo; is it worn or in mint condition?

Remember that even the littlest scratch can reduce the price. Therefore, it’s essential to be honest with yourself about the state of your gun, especially if you’ll list it online.

Create Clear Policies For Returns

This is especially important for people selling through any online medium. It is up to you to ensure that you have a clear return policy, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding your sale. If a buyer requests permission to return ammo, make it clear to them that they’ll wait for the paperwork to be completed and the ammo resold before they can get their money back.

On the other hand, unauthorized returns would generally cost more and should be priced accordingly. Decide beforehand who will incur the shipping costs and communicate it appropriately. If you are selling on your website, you can create and serve this information on your “support” page, where the buyer can see it before making the final decision to buy.

Conclusion: This is Where People Are Selling Ammo in 2024:

If you’re one of those cheaters who skips to the end…article not only covers where to sell ammunition, but also essential tips to help you make good money from your sale…so scroll up and read the rest!

Here are the best places to sell ammo (online and locally): The best places to sell guns and ammo are gun stores, gun auctions, gun forums, and gun brokers.

There are other places to sell guns and ammo, but these are the most popular and the most reliable places to find buyers when you need to sell ammo.


Who is the Biggest Ammo Supplier?

Federal Premium Ammunition is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers. With a vast selection of ammunition types and calibers, it caters to law enforcement, military, and civilian markets, ensuring quality and performance.

How Big is the US Ammunition Market?

The US ammunition market is substantial, valued at billions of dollars. The demand is fueled by various sectors including military, law enforcement, and civilian gun owners who require ammunition for purposes ranging from defense and hunting to sport shooting.

Is There a Market for Ammunition?

Indeed, there is a significant market for ammunition, driven by the needs of defense, law enforcement, hunting, and recreational shooting. Innovations and advancements in ammunition technology also contribute to the ongoing demand.

What Ammunition Company Does US Use?

The United States military primarily sources its ammunition from contractors like Federal Premium Ammunition and Winchester Ammunition. These companies are tasked with providing a range of products to meet the diverse needs of America’s armed forces.

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  1. I have recently sold my gun collection. With that being said I have high end 222,204 around 3000 plus rounds for each I also have 17 hmr and 17 Mach 2 ammo 3000 rounds plus on these. I’m just wanting to get rid of it. Just looking for a decent price offer. I have it all under a bed in my home. I can send pictures if needed.

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