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Gun Giveaway FAQ

What Are Gun Giveaways?

A gun giveaway is a marketing event where a company or organization gives away free firearms or ammunition as prizes. These events are typically held by gun stores, manufacturers, or shooting ranges. They are often open to the public and sometimes advertised in local newspapers or online.

Are Gun Giveaways Legit?

Gun giveaways are legitimate because they are legal under federal law.

Like any contest, there are sponsors who run illegitimate gun raffles. The best way to research the legitimacy of any giveaway contest is to scrutinize the official rules and contact the gun giveaway sponsor with any questions.

Who won classic firearms giveaway?

Classic Firearms runs two gun giveaway contests per month and they publish their winners on their website at

Who won Aero Precision giveaway?

Aero Precision USA does not have a page on their website dedicated to posting winners, but they sometimes post their monthly rifle contest winners on their Facebook page at

What is a PPT firearm?

A PPT firearm can refer to Soviet submachine gun (PPT obr. 1927g) or a firearm that has been legally transferred between two private parties within the state of California. In order to transfer a firearm in California, both parties must complete a Private Party Transfer (PPT) form, which is then submitted to the California Department of Justice.

What is an ECI for guns?

An “empty chamber indicator” (ECI) is a device that helps to show whether a gun’s chamber is empty or not. This can be helpful in preventing accidental discharge of a firearm. ECIs are typically required by law in some jurisdictions for certain types of firearms.

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